About us

ZEALEP Inc. (formerly Gopel Corporation) Zealep Inc. s the holding company of the Zealep Group of Companies incorporated on August 16, 2004, primarily to acquire or to hold all or any part of shares of corporations or the goodwill, rights, franchises, property, and business of any person, firm, association, and to hold, utilize, enjoy, and in any manner, manage, administer, or dispose of the whole or any part of the said rights and properties so acquired in a lawful manner, provided it will not engage in buying and selling of stocks as brokers or dealers of securities.

The corporation is presently run by five (5) member of Board of Directors headed by Dr. Rafaelita Pelaez-Pelaez, as President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

Zealep, Inc. strives to be the leading Cagayan de Oro-Based investment holding company known for its integrity and commitment to excellence and social development.

Our Mission

We are committed to enhancing shareholder value through the active management of long-term investments and responsible corporate citizenship.

We will manage our companies expertly; conform to International Standards and development of Human Resources in tune with globalization and business ethics. We will invest in the latest technologies and management practices.

Our vision is anchored on strong core values and principles that will guide ZEALEP, Inc. in all investments decision.


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